Hi it's Joe and Shirley of Joes Covee Car.

If you are reading this, you surely want to know more about us before you commit to taking a ride in Joes Covee Car.

We are retirees who know the sadness of losing loved ones to disease. As retirees we have time to be of service. As neighbors, we are honored to help our neighbors avoid getting covid or spreading it to their loved ones.

Why offer free rides for vaccines?

The service we provide is a free ride to your vaccine appointment for individuals who live in and around Hunterdon and Warren counties in NJ. Very little public transportation exists in our area and many people need a ride, so Joe's Covee Car was created.

The Process

Clients contact us via email, phone or, this site. They need to provide name, address, telephone number and appointment details in order for us to make sure we can provide our service to our neighbors. We will keep all of the data confidential. 

We call to verify information and let them know if we can make it. Once the ride is set, we call them within 24 hours of the scheduled ride to make sure they feel well, we go over details, and make sure nothing has changed. We remind them to have their paperwork needed, especially vaccine card for the second dose, where applicable.

Before the ride we make sure we have gas, sanitize the car, make sure all car and driver paperwork is in place and verify all our trip details. Then the driver puts on their mask, gets into the car and drives to the client address. Once we get to the clients home the driver will take their temperature, ask them to sanitize their hands, makes sure they have a mask on, and help them if needed into the car. 

Once at the vaccine site, the driver will help the client if needed to get to their vaccine.


Help them back into the car and drive them home. If it is a first shot, the driver will ask if they need a ride to the second and make that appointment.

On a personal level: 

Joe and I observed his parents struggling to get scheduled. Joe and I drove them to get their shots. BTW they did great with the shots. Both are fully vaccinated and had just a little down time with the second dose.

Joes dad is a WW II vet. His mom is a retired school teacher. They needed our help.

I guess you could say love and compassion are why we do it. 

Joe’s Inspiration – Help stop Covid, one ride, one shot at a time.

Shortly after the pandemic was declared, I learned one of my childhood friends had died from Covid. Several more friends got very sick from covid, so I cooked meals and dropped them off while they recovered. Shirley’s daughter, Jessica, kept seeing people die from covid because she is a nurse. Jessica caught covid, her husband and baby caught it as well. They all recovered but it was difficult for all involved. It has never been just somebody else’s problem. It affects our entire community. 

Surely, there was a way to help my community and incorporate my passion for cars. The idea of Joes Covee Car was born. The Fiat was purchased due to its rounded shape.Joe built 50 of the spike proteins you now see on the car. They are made from dryer fluff balls and PVC pipe, that were spray painted. They attach to the car with Alien Tape.

The original proposal, delivering groceries with the Fiat, was impractical. We cannot do everything but we can do something, so let’s figure out how we can help our community.

As the news reported ever growing death tolls, we imagined the pain of the families. I remembered the anguish my family went through when my brother died several years earlier from 9/11 disease. I could not sit idly by. My goal for Joe's Covee Car was to somehow help other families not go through the pain we did. If I can help people get their vaccinations and help slow the spread of infections there could be less suffering. In our rural community transportation options are severely limited so those who cannot drive are isolated. Their neighbors work full time. Thankfully we are retired and can drive. We started after we were both through the immunization process.

Shirley’s Inspiration – Helping to stop Covid-19, one ride, one shot at a time.

As a child I contracted mumps which left me with one deaf ear. Throughout life I have learned to live with it, but I struggle with conversations and those around me are affected as well.

Mumps is now preventable due to effective vaccines. The vaccine arrived too late for me, However, it is readily available to protect our children and future generations.

My friend, Joan , had a distinct limp due to post-polio syndrome.  Decades after recovering from Polio, it made her muscles in one leg atrophy which caused her pain as she walked or stood.  

Polio vaccines have virtually erased that scourge from the USA.

Effective vaccines have saved many lives and prevented disabling conditions in other lives. The Covid-19 vaccine will do the same.

Joe's Covee Car has one goal:

Helping to  stop covid-19, one ride, one shot at a time.